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Frenni's NightClub is a famous nightclub where you can eat delicious pizza and drink high quality beer, plus it has a unique appeal in the city; it is full of sexy animatronic waitresses who like to entertain adults with their company.

As the night guard of a place you always wanted to go to as a child, you will finally be able to meet Frenni Fazclaire The Bear and her fiery friends in person, which is something that you could never have achieved due to a lack of money.

There is one rule, however; It is forbidden to fuck the waitresses! A rule which you can hardly resist!

But wait, there's more. For some reason, the animatronics have been acting like crazy action-hungry nymphomaniacs recently and it's up to you to unravel the mysteries of the previous security guard that worked there while avoiding all contact with the girls. That is, if you don't want to lose your job, and also something else.

Spend 5 nights in abstinence and get a reward, because on the weekends, staff members get a free night with the animatronics all to themselves!

The game uses the incredible models of Cryptia Curves and shines them in a lust-filled adventure.

Fap Nights At Frenni's NightClub is a 3D freeroam FNAF parody NSFW game focused on a traditional harem story mode, similar to a graphic adventure or visual novel, as well as unlocking erotic scenes and collectibles.

The game has 2 game modes at the moment, a story mode and an arcade mode.

In the story mode, you play as a perverted geek who tries to keep his job as a night guard, meeting the animatronics and avoiding them one by one while also discovering the dark secrets of the company you've been hired by. The gameplay is filled with absurd humor and a few touches of horror.

In the arcade mode, you play as a night guard doing missions your boss has given you to earn money. In this gamemode, you also get to unlock a wide variety of the game's NSFW content.

With the money you receive for doing your job correctly you can unlock many things such as:

Cool skins for your character.

Special items that can help you survive the night.

Accessories for your office desk.

Special items that unlock certain NSFW scenes.

This project is being developed by  Fatal Fire Studios , development updates are posted to our  Twitter account, where you can keep up to date with the latest changes to our game. If you want to follow the game more closely however, additional updates are frequently posted in our public Discord Server.

  • The game currently supports 2 languages: English and Spanish.

An Android version of the game is planned in the future.

The game is incredibly early development, as time goes on many things will be improved and bugs fixed. If you find a bug, feel free to report it in our Discord.

The game is totally free! If you enjoy this game and want to see it grow, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Certain Patreon tiers even unlock exclusive updates.

Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,617 total ratings)
AuthorFatal Fire
GenreVisual Novel
Tags3D, Adult, Anime, Dating Sim, Erotic, Five Nights at Freddy's, Furry, Horror, Unity, VRChat



Install instructions

Extract the zip file and enjoy the game!


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porfavor pueden poner una opcion de guardar el procedimiento en la nube o alguna forma por si depronto tengo que cambiar de pc no perder todo :(


what do you use the mistletoe for?

You have to buy the Christmas decorations and candy. Enable the Christmas decorations in the Desk Setup. Then go to the Kitchen and put the mistletoe on the leaves above your head.

I need help I can't start the arcade mode the game crashes everytime

that happens to me too

ladies' toilet seems like a strange place where golden can disturb the reality and space-time  (If you dare into through tube, you will be trapped here , time will be freezed too)

Its a softlock because you dont have the  Christmas decoration enabled, and candies in your possession. Likely because its the only scene excisting in that room only, so untill more scenes are added, its a softlock if you dont enable those.

is it possible to edit the save? Or, at least which registry key is the arcade mode money?

not that i know of, you can try to farm the christmas event secret ending, it gives 10k money each time you do it

5k, in my run yesterday. the sectret was gone, the puzzle was replayed by an poster 

ive heard 1.9 is out yet this version is 1.8?

Better then having 1.7 tho.

0.1.9 is Patreon supporters of highest tier. After supporters get 0.2.0, 0.1.9 will become public. Or so it goes.

(1 edit)

yea its beacouse its free the free version of fap NAF is one update behind if you want the advanced version of fap NAF you have to support fatal fire studios on patrion and, why is he doing this? beacouse he wants to make it fair for the patrion supporters

To be honest mediafire really 

Very VERY slow download 

Why dont you change download way?

Jeez, it so hot or ventilation broken again?

Question1: What are the actual differences between the difficulty settings? Aside from the pay cut?

Question2: After recovering from blackout Frenni, Chiku and Fexa wind up timers dissapeard, is that by design?

Issue1: After recovering from blackout, Frenni, Chiku and Fexa all activated. Their timers activated later (the audio-visual cue that is).

Issue2: Crawled into lady's room without christmas decorations or candy - could not go back (vent in electrical was locked and could not get unlocked with screwdriver), timers did not run out (no cues, laptop cameras did not show anyone running around), night did not end.

(1 edit)

Okay so I have noticed that with the 1.8 update, the XXXmas event ran perfectly fine. But the main game no longer runs well. I used to be able to run the game on Ultra in 1.5 but now I can't even load the main game in Medium Graphics anymore.  Also, when I got the power out and after I fixed it, I could no longer wind up the music for Frenni or the Camera version of the Microwave timer. Please Fatal Fire, fix these issues. It worked fine in the old version. Or if you can't at least give me some tips on how I can fix it myself. It's not the computer I know that.

Or do I have to completely uninstall the old version? But even then, once I cleared data the new update worked fine at low graphics.

Please do not listen to any of the ideas here to make the game harder, i came for the plot not the gameplay, at least make a passive  mode for us babies, so I can get a slice of pizza and my di- nevermind...  The only "puppet combo" Im interested in is this reward orgry I've heard so much about.   

Pregunta es normal que las animatronicas en la 1.8 lleven pepino?

Depende te aparece en el evento de navidad o en el juego en general?


where is the pacetas file to cheat in point for the christmas shop

whats up im legit download right now has does the game work

how I can edit the money in the xxxmas mode?


it is normal for the game to crash on the second loading screen of arcade mode

I got an Idea maybe add a robot that hunts you down at 5am as once you finish your misson you can camp cams so having some robot hunt you down and the girls not attive would make the game cool

no funciona el modo arcade

These girl impressed me a lot.

But they have the same hunting mode. In my viewpoint, different hunting mode could bring more fun.

For example, foxy like hide and seek,then dash into your office.

freddy will be more active if he(she) in the dark.

Yo is the Discord Link expired?

also I think there's a bug in the Christmas event concerning the snowball launcher

i accidentally unlocked bonfie and now i dont know what to do to keep bonfie occupied

There is a coin taker in the arcade room. You have to give it those coins thats laying around the building. One coin fills it up.


Gotta say, didnt expect Marionette to do that particular gag.

On another Hand

I have rare goods for sale stranger!!!

New fans here.

Fatal fire is the best!


I can barely get in the dang game or pass the loading screen. How do i fix this problem????

(1 edit)

Whenever I extract the file I don't see the game but everything else

Can someone help explain it to me?

Anti-virus software blocking files, because of it not being able to detect it as made from a validated developer.

You should whitelist the folder, files, and location of where you're extracting it to, to prevent it from removing them.

How do i do that?!?

Depends on the software that's protecting your computer.

To make it simpler, you should google on how to whitelist or enable stuff on the anti-virus software. That's what I did when I had the problem.

Why "Windows Defender" tells me that the Zip is a Trojan? :c

Because anti-virus scanner cant confirm the content is from a approved developer.
Whitelist the folder and its extracted location. Its not a trojan or a virus.


Hello, today your discord admin banned me for no reason! my nickname is Kacter_Zoro14

happened to me too. dont know why since i didnt really talk on the server, maybe it was because emote reacting something wrong


Hi guys where I can find 1.9 version for free?

Nowhere. As of the moment, 1.9 is only accessible to Patreon members. Just wait it out. It's only a month or two.


Yeah I'd like to know why it crashes as well tho on the bright side we got some killer music now

when i load Arcade Mode its works then when it gets to the 2nd loading screen it freezes when its half way there and then crashes my PC any tips

(1 edit) (+2)

Likely graphics to high set for your pc. Might have to lower the graphics to fix that. Also make sure your drivers are updated.
If still happens, might be your GPU thats the issue.

its confusing because my PC can run games on the Low and Very low setting crashes on high and very high graphics but it can Run games on Ultra High graphics but it could be that or the 4GB of Ram i have

Could likely be the Ram.
I run with a 32GB Ram.

Damn thats alot and yeah i think your right


how do we unlock the girls skins?


You buy them

Guys, who knows what new animations came out in version 0.1.9?
(1 edit)

Check their Discord for general information, since its private info normally. You can also check on Patreon.
Otherwise, you would have to wait till it releases on itch.

Okay, thank you:)

does anyone know where the save is located for this game

Seriously is there a version of fnafnc compatible with chrome OS

Sadly this game is not a web game.

Dang it

What's the whole deal with the Old Key? AND WHY ATOMIC HEART TWINS?!

If by the old key you mean the one in the christmas event before you go through the elevator. then that one is for the secret ending which gives you 10k money

Ah, thanks man


Screw Bonfie, Frenni, Fexa, and Chicku, this battle music fuckin' SLAPS!

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