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love the game but i seem to only be able to get night 1 but night 2 wont unlock is the game still being worked on for the other nights or is something going on?

yes. The game is still being worked on, hopefully the next update will bring us night 2 tho

I am in awe of this masterpiece of a game....yet...every animatronic is blindingly bright pink in my game...and will there be a way to disable the frame? That shadowy frame that slightly obscures your view?

I can`t download it because my antivirus shows it as a virus and deletes the game

turn it off, download the game, then turn it back on

How many scenes is there? I opened 3 and cant find new ones.

there is only 3 at the momvent they said that in the discor

Wait, how did you found them?

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how the FUCK do i type my name in story mode

Awesome game man! Looking forward to updates, also I will become a patreon if I see this doesn't get abandoned! Keep up the awesome work!

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Very promising game so far! 

But it definitely needs a way to skip the intro if you get a game over in story mode ^^

hey ! it seems that i'm not able to play the game... when i extract the file it says to me that the unity player isn't found, please help me TwT

you might have a problem with your Antivirus, disable it for a bit or check its actions, if you disable it, reunzip the file and try again


can you please tell me the password from the archive

I will be very grateful)))))

como abro la puerta de bonnie ?


Is night 2 possible to play?

Can you please disable futa mod? I don't really like it, and some people don't really want to see this content either.


hi,how can i put the futa mod??


where can i get this mod?

damn dude this game looks sick but i think all my textures are corrupted and i cant move at all. what happened?


femboy dress?

as a femboy I gladly appreciate that! :3 <3 

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How do you get the pipe, and the music box is bugged. It doesn't need to be winded up, and I'm worried if I need it to go down for smth...

Note: Nvm i found it, tho i'm still worried about the bug...

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So um. *cough* can you help a dude out and say where it is pls? ;-;

Nvermind. Stupid glass.


I can't download it It's really sad that I want to try, but I can't


this game is like, really fucking loud

interesting game tho, hope to see what becomes of it

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If only there was a way to lower the volume on a computer


this is the dark souls of porn games

I have a problem, every time I try to start in the story mode, it only stays in the first dialogue and does not advance further. Thanks for reading

had the same problem change your resolution to fix it (atleast worked for me)

thanks if it worked for me

looks quite promising, guess its time to ask the age old question, plans on adding futa content or a futa mode?

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I want futa too

Drool Emoji Patch, Morale Patch, Meme Patch, Military Patch, Hook and Loop,  Tactical Backpack, Military, Veteran Owned


the game looks good! it just lacks content for us wiener connoisseurs

Why is everyone pink?


want to get it how many sex scenes are in it?

Could do with a way to zip through dialogue faster

This was a lot of fun though


Game Review(v 0.1.0)


1 Graphics. Very good detail of animatronics and scenes

2) Gameplay. Combination of original fnaf and running around different rooms.


1) Lots of bugs (More on that below)

2) Little content (Only three scenes)

3) The same type of content.


1) Animatronics sometimes go through doors and textures

2) The player can go through any difficulty enough to sit in the cells (Why can't the AI understand that the player is in front of them)

3) Sometimes lefty does not appear on the map

4) Bug with getting stuck in the cut-sen in story mode

I could do more but I'm too lazy. After all, the developer says that you need to pay 20 bucks to fix bugs.


Android port please

Will it be necessary to support the pation to be able to play the whole game or is it not necessary to support to be able to play the entire game?

dud they need to make money so they lock a part of it away, you can still enjoy what they giv but if you want all you'll have to pay

my night 1 wont continue after the into where he says for a moment i wondered had this been a mistake or a stroke of luck

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And $20 for fixing bugs? Author Do you want some?

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is night one possible in history mode? because after the power is restored you have to run back to you're office but freddy is waiting near it so she chases you but it seems like shes unavoidable because the player is just too slow and its annoying to start all over from the beginning with no skip button! please add a checkpoint system or a skip button for conversations because if you die, you have to sit there clicking past text for 5 minutes making it way too unforgiving 

it is its just difficult, Just kinda have to loop her around a table and then full sprint and pray to whatever you believe in that you make it

Lol what 0_0 ??? i simply rashed towards the door and outraned her with ease

im having a bug in the first night where the game freezes in the cutscene during the first line of dialog, also in arcade mode chica can walk through doors/walls


Do you know how to solve a bug where when you start night 1 in the first cutscene a text appears and that text is stuck on the screen and the cutscene does not advance and it does not let me play the game

I changed the resolution and it fixed it

Really good game, just even after setting the sensitivity to the lowest, it's still so damn sensitive lol. And maybe so more visual options would be nice, like disabling the blur and stuff like that. Just some quality of life stuff. But good game overall.


how do you get in the rooms that are locked like the arcade

the game is still a work in progres

Looking good!
Sad this game dont have impregnation and pregnancy( Or maybe it have developer?

I noticed a bug when you pause the sound from the game disappears. Not Very comfortable to play when there is no sound

i messed with the audio settings and it fixed it

How do I fix it

How do I fix it

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I found"bug" to make all the animatronics without texture,and also when I go to do the first task of night one, the tutorial stays on my screen and doesn't come out

<img src="<a href=""></a>">

les goooooo, been waiting days for thi

lo voy a gozar como no lo puedes imaginar XDDD

esa mano :v

Ostia loco, soy fan chimichangas XD

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Eres el mejor bro este juego aun no lo pruebo pero es genial!!! quiero que tengas algo seguro y es de que te voy a apoyar por que voy a apoyar mi bro <3

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