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So when i download the files and extract them i cant find the application is there another thing i need to download to play it

The only thing you need to download is the zip file ont this site. Try making a folder, put the zip file in there and extract it in that folder. The app should be in the fila with the version of the game.

Please make an android game

when you support on Patreon you can get 0.1.8  honestly it's free here.... and if you want another update to happen not only does development take time but also money... not telling anyone what to do but the option to help is there! i found the special update in 0.1.8 pretty good, for a small team keep in mind. hard mode is like playing dark souls holly shit balls 

I think is more like cuphead, dark souls it's hard always, even if you're experienced, cuphead is more like a patron, once you learn it, the game cannot get harder due its way to work, after 80 nights with the gurls on hard mode I found the way to make it easier, ofc I have help from some tools but yeah, it's not that big deal, which is true is that it is still being harsh is not to die due to the electrical lack

when i say hard im talking about the special when basic hits drain 10 and enemies with weapons are more painful 

I've recently downloaded the game, but it keeps crashing when I try to open arcade mode. I've checked and Anti-virus is off, I don't know what else to do. 

Someone has any advice?

I'm having the same problem. if you ever figure it out could you let me know.

You have to lower the graphics! Lower it to low and it'll work!


wil 0.1.8 ever be free?

yeahhhhh it might take a few weeks 
but yes it will, all updates will eventually


Will it have an android version?

Says "this title is hosted on an incompatible third party website" and I cant install it, anyone else have this issue or is it just me?

release the 0.1.8 version

which membership do you need for full game?

how do i play it. i have downloaded it

switched from windows 7 to 10 and arcade mode crashes how to fix

When will the android version of game will come?

There is not a official date yet

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are there any other scenes to unlock other than the current 12 i have in 1.7 cause i have nothing to do in the game now cause i have gotten everything possible in the current version of the game

i would like to report a bug the money system in the game isn't updating it stays the same amount after you do all the tasks and complete a night


Hey so I have a problem. When I go to play the game, it says that there is "potentially harmful files," and it deleted the game. This is wierd because I have been playing it for a couple weeks. Is there a version of the game that could work for me?

did you try to uninstall and install it again?


probably an issue with your antivirus. try whitelisting the executable or overriding the antivirus.

How do I do that

Well I don't know what antivirus you have so try searching for it online

its probably in your setting unless you already had that one turned off before the issue occurre

no puedo jugar al modo arcade cada vez q le doy a jugarlo se me cierra el juego ayuda que hago?

me pasa lo mismo

probablemente sea un error de tu computadora o del juego o un archivo que se corrompio desconosco si se puede arreglar de alguna manera intenta cerrar todo y que solo quede abierto el juego

impressive, REALLY! ,  definitely supporting this on Patreon. haven't had a chance to try part2 seasonal yet unfortunately love how in the story mode girl plants against the glass feel like arcade mode could benefit from some of that but im no Dev so i leave it in your obviously capable hands to do what is best <3

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Realmente tuve una idea, mi idea era que en el modo historia las chicas mantengan conversacion con el jugador y que halla diferentes finales, solo eso, adios.

guys what to do if the models of the characters are purple and there is no way to remove them ???


Yes, the same problem with version 0.1.6 did not understand how to solve


stormtroopers music 

So, I have the 1.6 version, would downloading 1.7 update my current game or would I lose my progress?

so far ive kept my progress so it should

should be saved

Will there be an apk

You need money?



okay, looking past all the  nsfw stuff. i  really have to say how polished this game feels regardless of its   early stage. like the graphics  and animations feel good!  the character models looks nicely made and the animations you gave! not to mention the graphics and over all feel of this game is something else!   who ever is in your dev team realllyy has some great experience! 

animating, character creation, etc etc. is something aspire to do in the game field  and honestly this helps aspire me to want to do amazing things like this (again putting past the nsfw part and more of game creation and world building)

when is 1.8 comming out for free?

a few days or weeks after 1.9 comes out for patreons

Ok thx

Hi guys some scene i only unlocked in 1.7 and not 1.8 ist it possible unlock all scene in 1.8?  How many scene in the game?


can you explain better?

Sure! I unlocked lot of scene but few scene I only see  computer at 1.7 version and I can't unlock  and see in 1.8 version. on computer. So  what should I do or this is normal?

okay for the patreons they have the versions before those who are not now the public version is 1.7 that's why you can't unlock the scenes of 1.8 we will only have to wait for version 1.8 to come out publicly

more scenes will unlock as updates come.

alot have yet to get added so yeah.

does anyone have a 100% save?

hey so one of the issues I came across is that it can get very difficult and fast paced to go from doing a task to immediately running back to the office to fix everything that might have happened while you were gone maybe put a slider or some kind of just setting to maybe make things less hectic so newer players dont get scared off

the real strategy is to just ignore the busy work of placating the girls and instead just speed run your missions, especially once you unlock bonfie


1.8 is not out for me i use zip


Alguien sabe para que sirve la mascara de Golden Freddy? La tengo segun activada pero no noto ningun cambio al momento de jugar, alguien sabe para que sirve? Igual la champan y el pepino xd.

Sorry guys, for what using the masc of golden Freddy, i dont know, meabe the champagne and pepins xd.


para conseguir esenas

Que debo hacer? solo que me atrapen?


te digo los 3 con  la mascara de freddi te la tenes queequipar y en la puerta izquierda de tu oficina deberia aver otra puerta en esa puerta hay una silla ,bueno te tenes que sentar hay creo que es cuando se va la luz ya no me acuerdo con el champagne tenes que esperar a que fexa salga de su abitacion osea dejando que se lleva no mirandola por las camaras y va a aver una yelera y la opcion para poner la botella cuando lo pongas van a desaparecer todos el acompañante,las animatronicas y el tiempo se va a detener tenes que apretar el boton que esta hay para conseguir la ecena el champang debe estar en la sala en la puerta derecha junto con el pepino y con el pepino tenes que esperar a que te salga la mision de dejar a lefty en la tienda cuando te salga tenes que tener la leche que esta en la cosina en la heladera o refrigerador y poner en la tienda a lefty la leche y el pepino

Arre, muchas gracias mi panita, tu como lo supiste? jugando o hay una guia o yotuber que los explique??


literalmente tengo 4 gigas de ram en una netbook de gobierno y los modelos en las esenas estan bien bugeados y anda tan trabado que lo hace injugable pero yo lo veia de un youtuber porque era bien pajero xd bueno al tipo le borraron e canal y se iso otro pero bueno, hay tutoriales en youtube y un youtuber que abla de las actualisaciones se llama furrael DS tiene guias de las actualizaciones si las quieres ver

quieres saber como conseguir escenas?

Please make an android game

Ive been having issues with the inventory not working, Ill pick up something and then proceed to go put it where it needs to go and it says I need the item, ive tried redownloading, tried running as admin, nothing works, any suggestions?

Hold space to open inventory

guys what to do if the models of the characters are purple and there is no way to remove them ???


I also have a problem with the models in the scenes where some parts start to move and stretch

Yes, the same problem with version 0.1.6 did not understand how to solve

I have a problem.  The chirstmas things, I bought it but don't appear in the gameplay

You can equipt them in Desk Setup



can i play 1.8 free?

nope, for 0.1.8 u need to pay 15$ on their Patreon to download this version. Its an exclusive version for every member. 

tengo un problema con el juego, me dejar jugar el modo historia, pero por alguna razón no me deja jugar el modo arcade o el especial. pero antes si había podido jugarlos normalmente. alguien sabe porque es? 

Does anyone know where the save file is?


I was playing on my notebook and now I want to play on my pc, but I don't know where they keep the save file to transfer to my pc.

Sorry for my bad english, I using google translate.

Mhhh, how about to extract the full folder on an stick and extract it from the stick to your desktop. But its not the same u have 2 different files

Why does my game keep crashing??

i have this problem on my notebook too, i can only play the arcade mode on low quality (-_-), good thing that i have a nice pc

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